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First (small) steps to earning a living?


I'm pretty sure I'm in love with ballooning, twisting first and foremost but I have also enjoyed making a column or two. I realise I am still a noob compared to the majority on here but I have enough models for line work. Plus a few larger ones for gifts etc. I would very much like to have a go at earning from this. However I have no real idea of how to get started. I have a business card, and a few friends who have bought models from me. I'm a music teacher and as such rely on word of mouth. However that won't cut it with balloons I imagine?

Lee Reilly:
We started off simple with a Facebook page and a basic website, encourage your friends to join and share the page, share it on some of your local for sale/swap groups. Picture of your creations work well.

You could also consider attending a few charity events, there are usually tons being held when you start looking, charge the public and offer the charity a percentage of your takings. Make sure you have a stack of business cards to hand out.

And the most important parts are to register with HMRC as soon as you earn any money and consider getting PL insurance. Keep all your balloon related receipts to help keep that tax bill small.

Graham Lee:
Insurance is a must, either equity or bapia.
When you go for a website, buy the domain name, do not use /godaddy or any other holding company like that.
You want google to find YOU.

I am already self employed, so know about HMRC. Thanks for the heads up. Just paid for BAPIA - thanks for that Graham. Now I just have spend hours practicing balloons!


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