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Pondering a truck


I don't usually do big stuff.
I've had an inquiry for a balloon truck of about 6x4 feet for November.
If I decided to do it, I'm confident that I would be ready to do it by the time it's needed, and the challenge would be interesting. I'd need to hire a van to deliver it I guess (Staffordshire)

Would anyone be prepared to give me an idea of what they would charge for something like this?
If not, and you are interested in doing it yourself, let me know and I'll pass your details on if I decide not to do it.


Graham Lee:
How long would you guess it would take you to make?

If say 4 hours (which I guessed at) then double it as by the time you have thought about it and then built it.
Then work out how much you would like to earn an hour plus materials...............

then plus it's art factor and what you feel is a good price. You will probably end up with a price that
you think goodness no one will want to pay that for the truck. Big builds take a lot of prepping and
thought time. Everything has to be brought into the equation for the fee.

PS, I'd be happy to build it.


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