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April Model of the Month (Hippo)

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Graham Lee:
This is the model of the month for April. Not sure we will be getting many orders
to post the complimentary packets of balloons out for people to make.

Perhaps people will have a little time to make one or two
designs from the model of the month thread?

Graham Lee:
Here we go then with the instructions for the Hippo.
I also pre stretched the balloon before inflating as you do
need a lot of balloon to make the one balloon Hippo.

Inflate the grey 260 leaving approx 7 fingers un-inflated.

Make a 2 finger bubble, a 1.5 finger bubble that will be first ear and pinch twist this bubble.
A 3 finger bubble for top of head and another 1.5 finger bubble for the other ear and pinch twist.

Then make a 2 finger bubble for other side of face and tie the knot securely around here.

Graham Lee:
You then need a 2 finger bubble for the top of inside of the mouth and a 1 finger pinch twist.

Then make a 3 finger bubble for the underside of inner mouth
and twist this back into lower section of head.

The wrap around for the Hippo's mouth is approx. an 8 finger bubble but
I usually just pull this tight around the front pinch twist while pushing
a little air along the balloon so it fits very snugly.

Graham Lee:
You need two 3 finger bubbles for the front legs, followed by a 4 finger
bubble for the body and a 1 finger bubble that is pinch twisted.

Then make two more 3 finger bubbles for the back legs.

Graham Lee:
If you run out of balloon then please just add an extra one but once you
make a few times you can get this all from the one 260 balloon.

OR, you could only have one 4 finger bubble for the body but I like
the chunkier look for the Hippo with three body bubbles.

You now need another 4 finger bubble to the head mouth section.
A good tip here is to twist the 260 over the front of the head section and not just
around the front legs as this pulls the body and head section tightly together.

I then deflate the balloon till I have a 4 finger bubble left, then make a 1 finger bubble
in the end of the balloon and this gets wrapped around the back pinch twist.
The deflated balloon looks a little like the Hippo's tail? Well possibly.

The 3 finger bubble before the end 1 finger bubble is positioned to sit underneath
the two 4 finger bubbles. This makes the legs and body sit more compact.

Sometimes the 260 balloon finishes perfectly and I just have a 1 finger
end of balloon bubble twisted around the rear pinch twist.

Inflate a White 160 to a 3 finger bubble for the teeth.
Note there is some slack balloon at one end.


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