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August Model of the Month (Chihuahua)

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Graham Lee:
I think I have the spelling correct for the Chihuahua, I nearly called it a dog  ;D
This is the model of the month for August, the complimentary balloon pack will be going out with every order.

Graham Lee:
The instructions for the Chihuahua,

Inflate the 260 mocha leaving 6 fingers un-inflated.
Make two 1.5 finger bubbles and a 2 finger bubble for the mouth and nose.

Then make a 5 finger bubble followed by a 1.5 finger pinch twist.

Graham Lee:
Then make another 5 finger bubble and twist this into the mouth/nose pinch twists.
The top of the head is a 6 finger bubble twisted back to the 1.5 finger pinch twist.

Inflate the 160 mocha leaving 4 fingers un inflated.
Make a 5 and a 7 finger bubble for one of the ears.
I make the ears slightly on the larger side to add possibly a little cuteness to the design.
You might want to make a little smaller, do what is pleasing to your eye.

Graham Lee:
Make a 2 finger bubble and then another 5 and 7 finger bubble for the other ear.
You then need two 3 finger bubbles that will sit over the eyes later in the design.

Both ends of the 160 balloon push through the ears so they do not untwist and tie together for security.

Discard the rest of this balloon but use the end for the tail of the dog.

Push one of the ears through the centre of the dogs head.

Graham Lee:
Pre stretch the next 260 mocha balloon before you inflate it. Leave between a 6/7 fingers un inflated.
Make a 1.5 finger bubble and twist the balloon around the first 260 mocha you used for the dogs head.

Then make a 1.5 finger spacer bubble and a 1.5 finger pinch twist and loop the 260 over the first 260 balloon.


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