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Free Zoom (Car)
« on: November 05, 2021, 04:51:18 PM »
Our second free zoom balloon workshop is coming up next week, 9th November. More details below,


Many thanks for purchasing balloons from us in October, it is appreciated.

As a little thank you we are doing a free Zoom balloon workshop every month and this month it’s the Car design.
This is online and via the Zoom app, It will be on Tuesday 9th November at 7.30 pm.
It is live and will not be recorded, you will need to be able to twist the basic’s to join in.
Balloons required,
Two 350’s
One 260
One 160
Colours of your choice really with one of the 350 being Black possibly for the wheels.

The session will be for a maximum of an hour… a guess.

Please get in touch and I will let you have the Meeting ID and password for the session.

I’m not sure how many will be attending but hoping it will be manageable.

If you are unable to make the session I have written the step by step instructions up on Balloon Chat,
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