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Model of the Month June (Panda)

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Graham Lee:
I was struggling with what design to do for June. It was either the Panda, Unicorn or Snake.
As you can see the Panda won. I will post the step by step instructions soon.

This is what will be sent out with all orders this month in the complimentary packs of balloons.

Graham Lee:
So for the Panda, inflate the 350 White leaving 7/8 fingers un-inflated.
It does vary as we all twist slightly differently.

Pre stretch the 350 so it will be a couple of fingers longer as you do
need all the balloon for the head and body of the Panda.

Make a 2 finger bubble and then slide the loose knot back towards the lip of
the balloon so you can make the 2 finger bubble into two 1 finger bubbles.

Make these into 1 finger pinch twists.

Graham Lee:
Twist a 2 finger bubble and make this into a pinch twist for the lower section of the mouth.

Make a 4 finger bubble followed by a 2 finger pinch twist, this is where the ears will attach later.

Make another 4 finger bubble and another 2 finger pinch twist for the neck of the Panda.

Graham Lee:
You then need to wrap the 350 around the 4 finger bubble between the mouth
structure and the pinch twist where the ears will attach.

I just pull this snugly into place but I did measure after to see and its approx
a 12 finger bubble. Twist this back into the neck pinch twist.

Make two 5 finger bubbles and attach the end of the balloon around the neck pinch twist.

Graham Lee:
Inflate the Black 260 leaving approx 6 fingers un-inflated,.

Make a 2 finger bubble, a 1.5 finger pinch twist and then two 3 finger bubbles
and twist back into the pinch twist. This is one foot complete.

Push the 260 through the body of the Panda, the next twist again I do by
eye but I did measure and again its approx a 12 finger bubble.

Make another 1.5 finger pinch twist for the start of the other foot.


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