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November Model of the Month (Motor Bike)

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Graham Lee:
A last minute change of plan. I was going to have the Poppy as model of the month but decided on the Motor Bike instead.
I think this will be a more popular choice.

Graham Lee:
As the chrome balloon is a good 4 fingers longer than a normal 260 then this design is possible from two balloons,
if making with a Grey balloon rather than the chrome then you will need to use a 160 for the handle bars.
I will post a picture like this at the end for you to see.

Inflate the chrome 260 leaving approx 9 fingers un-inflated.

Make a 2 finger bubble followed by a 1 finger pinch twist for the wing mirror.
Then a 1.5 finger bubble and another 1 finger pinch twist that will be the light.

Inflate the Black 260 leaving approx 6 fingers un-inflated.
Make two 1 finger pinch twists.

Graham Lee:
Make a 2.5 finger bubble in the chrome balloon and attach the two black pinch twists to this joint.

You then need two 3 finger bubbles twisted back into the pinch twists for the inner section of the front wheel.

Graham Lee:
Wrap the 260 Black snugly around the two 3 finger chrome bubbles to make the front tyre.

Make a 2.5 finger bubble in both the black 260 and chrome 260 and attach to the light pinch twist.

Now make a 4 finger bubble followed by a 2 finger pinch twist in the Black 260.

Graham Lee:
You need a 4 finger bubble in the chrome 260 and twist around the black pinch twist.
Make a 3 finger bubble in the Black 260 and then a 1.5 finger pinch twist which will be the motor bike seat.

Now twist a 3 finger bubble in the chrome 260 around the motor bike seat pinch twist.


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