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September Model of the Month (Car)

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Graham Lee:
I went with the Car as model of the month. It was a choice between the Car, a Princess or a Panda.
There are a few Panda and Princess designs but not too many Car tutorials at the moment.

There is a thread here on Balloon Chat about how the car came about, I'm still adding pictures to the thread at the moment.

Graham Lee:
We will be sending out the balloons below in the complementary packs for September.
I will try to post the step by step instructions tomorrow.

Graham Lee:
Here we go then with the instructions for the Car.

Before Inflating the Red 260 leaving 7 fingers un-inflated pre-stretch the balloon.
Pull the balloon all the way through your thumb and finger, this will make the balloon 3/4 fingers longer in length.

Make a 4 finger bubble, then a 6 finger bubble and then a 2 finger pinch twist.
Tie the knot of the balloon securely around the pinch twist.

Make a 2 finger bubble followed by another 2 finger pinch twist.

Graham Lee:
Make another 4 finger bubble and a 6 finger bubble and tie back into the second pinch twist/
This will be the front of the Car.

You then need a 4 finger bubble and another 2 finger pinch twist.
Then a 3 finger bubble and another 2 finger pinch twists.

Graham Lee:
Then another 4 finger bubble tied into the very first pinch twist you made on the Car.

From the rest of the balloon you need two 4 finger bubbles that will be twisted into the back pinch twists.


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