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Father Christmas

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Graham Lee:
I was having a play with some Santa designs today.
The first one is to tall and thin and I don't like the blush separating the eyes.
The second size wise is better and fatter but I don't like the open mouth look on it.
So it's a work in progress.

Graham Lee:
I changed the eyes and beard look on the to tall Santa.
Then made two quicker possibly line work Santa's.
The first one I made on the right the rim of hat is wrong and face is too wide.
Second looks a little better but still another work in progress.

Graham Lee:
I added an extra 160 for the beard to make it fuller and then a mini Santa design.
I made one of these last year as well so not a new design but re-visiting.
The added belt was from an idea from Sally Povey.

Graham Lee:
I then made some Santa wrist bands which I originally made last year as well.
Just making some variations and adding to the theme.

They are all slightly different with ears on one a variation on the hat etc.

Graham Lee:
Turning the wristable Santa into a Santa wand.

Then adding to the Teddy Bear body Santa with the belt and adding the chrome Gold for his buckle.


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