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Graham Lee:
Having sorted out over half my picture albums I thought I would start to post them onto the forum under one thread. I think the majority will have been posted onto the forum at some time but many may have missed them or not been members when I originally posted. I have just set up a twitter account as well, my tag is myballoonart so if anyone would like to follow me then please do.

Graham Lee:
Where I'm inflating the White 260 this was taken at Guildford University where they had a fun day with Johnny Ball and the robot I think called Titus.
Me in the big balloon with head out, someone made this picture up for me from an original when I played the magic club meal for the magic club in the Midlands,
the name escapes me at the moment. I was on the bill with Alec Powell and Jason Steele and Joanne I believe.
Where I'm fully inside the balloon this was taken at Blackpool magic convention, one of my very first lectures.

Graham, I love the "inside the big balloon" but it scares me when I see someone totally inside it.  I know there is lots of air in there but do you carry a pin or sharp object just in case?

Graham Lee:
Yes you should always be prepared for any situation, I have scissors with me.

Graham is it hard getting into the balloon I want to try this really bad : )

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