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Posting pictures and re-sizing on the forum

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Graham Lee:
The maximum size of picture for the forum is 480mm wide and 600mm high.
I use a free downlaodable programme called Irfanview which seems nice and easy to use; http://www.irfanview.net/

There is also another thread which may help as well; viewtopic.php?f=21&t=35

Hey! I just uploaded a few photos but now I can't see them anywhere?!! Just wondered if I'd done something wrong, I don't want to do it again and end up putting the same ones on again! Help!! :o

Graham Lee:
I can't see your pictures anywhere, there is another link that may help, viewtopic.php?f=21&t=35

Daisy Rainbow:
I actually was able to post photos and it was easy YEAH!!!!

How can I delete a photo...is it possible to delete?


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