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Graham Lee:
I had a go at making some snake designs this week.
This was the first one.

Graham Lee:
I had made a snake head with a few pinch twists for the mouth so thought I'd upscale
it with loops to see if that gave us a snake look.

It looks like a monkey face to me, not a snake.
I started with the eyes low but when I took a picture face on the eyes needed to be moved up.

It was the head design I was concentrating on, that's why it has a stumpy body  ;D

Graham Lee:
I then upscaled a previous face design for the snake that I made a while back.

If you was making the body for the snake it would need to be twice the size I have made here.
I was just seeing what this weave looked like for the body as you can easily give it some movement.

Graham Lee:
After seeing the picture of the full snake above I did not like the way the mouth section was made
differently to the body section. It did not like right to me so made another body for the snake.

Not sure I like this at the moment, perhaps the body needs to be made smaller and the fold twists smaller.
Its a work in progress.................he he.


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