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Balloon Chit Chat / Re: Joe Montella.
« on: June 26, 2009, 10:12:03 AM »
This was my first DVD I bought and thought it was really good. Instructions were clear and nice and slow, and the models covered the basics as well as some more complicated ones.

Also gives a brief outline of the business side of things...

Definately buy if your a beginner!

Balloon Chit Chat / Poor Lady!
« on: March 22, 2009, 06:48:09 PM »
At my first gig, there was some face painters and I asked the lady to make me up as a clown. She had Coulrophobia, but managed to do a good job!

But check this poor lady out...



Balloon Chit Chat / Re: Balloons in Design
« on: March 18, 2009, 09:43:43 PM »
I love the arm chair, really makes you wanna sit down and see if it is comfortable...

Balloon Chit Chat / Stiff Little Fingers!
« on: March 16, 2009, 06:55:34 PM »
Hey Guys,

I was twisting again last Saturday, 11am - 4pm and at about 3pm some guy asks me to do him a monkey. Now I do the simple one balloon monkey, nothing special, but for some damn reason, I popped about 10 balloons trying to make one. I had done a few before hand, but I think my hands were getting so tired (they had gone through the stiff finger stage) and I think I was either being too rough or too tired to concentrate. This of course made me look a right fool. The guy was cool about it, joking he was gonna call animal rights, as I killed so many monkeys. In the end I gave up and told him he was getting an Alien instead. Ten minutes later, someone else asked for a monkey and I did it first time, no pops!

Does this kinda thing happen to everyone?

Balloon Chit Chat / Re: My Videos!
« on: March 16, 2009, 06:39:23 PM »

Thanks for sharing.

Quote from: "Petra"
When I show something new to my famely, they always refer to the words I always said about not being creative. Now I know, I just didn't found the right thing for me, and now I have.

It is amazing to think how many people are talented artists, but never use it, as they have a "normal" job or never been encouraged to let it out.

Quote from: "Bonnie"
I've been hired to paint large advertising signs and murals.

Bonnie, love the murals. I think I enjoyed do murals best, as the scale of them just realing brings them to life, photos don't always do them justice.

Thanks everyone for sharing, like Graham said, it has been very interesting and never knew how varied your backgrounds would be. Again, it is nice to see so many of you from different backgrounds all coming together in the world of balloons.

Quote from: "Bad to the Balloon"
Hired Gun
Graphic Artist
Industrial Printer

Only two jobs that paid good was bartender and killing people. The bar tending is lousy hours

This is the most interesting CV so far, hehehe only in America!!!

I know twisters are now saying that twisting has become an art form, but did anyone have any other art related jobs in a former life?

When i was at school, I always wanted to be an artist, but got rejected from Art College for not having a big enough portfolio. So I became a draughtsman, mainly working for architects. During the last recession of the early ninties, I was out of work and so bummed around doing a number of art related work. I was a tattooist and worked for Jock of Kings Cross, I painted murals and paint effects in houses and even got involved with English folk art, painting the traditional roses that you see on the old canal boats.

It was when the draughting worked moved to computers that I became interested in web design, then had a part time business screen printing and air brushing clothing.

However, balloons have so far been the most enjoyable, and business terms (remember I am part time) there are no overheads, just a stock of balloons.

So what is your background and do you consider yourself an artist?

Interview a "Balloon Chat" Member / Re: Popsie Interview 2nd/8th March
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:21:27 PM »
Quote from: "Professor T Wist"
Hi Popsie, who would you most like to make a balloon model for and why? What would you make them?
Well I'm still waiting for an invite to work at the Playboy Mansion and twist for all of Hugh Hefner's guests, that would be the ultimate party gig!

Interview a "Balloon Chat" Member / Re: Popsie Interview 2nd/8th March
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:13:10 PM »
Quote from: "Danny the Idiot"
Hi Popsie,

Whats your favourite colour in balloons?
I like the blues that sempertex do, not sure what it is called, but has the metallic look

What balloon model would you like to learn next?
I like the characters that you guys do, like Tony Twist's Scottsman and Rasta.

Sempertex or Qualatex?
Hmmm this is a tuffy. I have mainly been using Qualatex and they are easy to blow up by mouth. But Sempertex do feel more robust as well as more rubbery. Maybe after time I will have a definate preference...?

When are you going busking next?
lol - I do like busking and ready to go soon. Hopefully in the next month or two.


Balloon Chit Chat / Software
« on: March 07, 2009, 09:16:56 AM »
Don't know if this subject has been covered before, but here it goes anyway...

What is your favourite software for creating your;


Flyers & Promotions

I use Dreamweaver and Fireworks for webpages and Photoshop to do my balloon photos and flyers (a bit pricey, but had then from one of my past jobs).

I know some of you guys have got some good sites that you have done yourselves, so just interested in what other tools are out there.

Balloon Chit Chat / Re: Top 10 twisters I want to meet
« on: March 05, 2009, 10:11:19 PM »
Quote from: "theFPlady"
Like the thread people!
Currently, I think I am about twister number 1464 on that list if you do start going beyond 10 that is!
Can we keep an annual league table with people going up and down?
 :D  :D  :D  :D  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

I'm right behind you on that one theFPlady, I'm 1465!

Interview a "Balloon Chat" Member / Re: Popsie Interview 2nd/8th March
« on: March 05, 2009, 09:51:22 PM »
Quote from: "Dave"
Hi Popsie,
Which came first balloons or clown?

Do you use mainly 260s?

What was the last model you learnt to do? and where did you learn it?

Plus what do your colleagues think off you doing entertainment?

Good questions Dave.

Balloons came first. I'm bit of a quiet dude and not as good with patter as some of you guys, so I think the clown clothes was to distract that fact and compensate for it at the same time.

Yes I mainly use 260s, but I do have 160s and 350s which I have used in practice at home.

The last model I learnt was the guitar, which i got from the Dream Balloon book series. At my work's Xmas party I made a bass guitar while drunk. It looked good at the time, but was even funnier watching the boss play air guitar on it!

Also it was the party when most people found out about the balloons. At first they didn't know who was doing it and was a bit shocked when they found out. I could read their faces "why has he got balloons in his pockets?" But as they got drunk it seemed to go down well, because I did so many, everyone was playing with them and soon everyone in the club had one. It's just my mates now that call me Poopsie, always take the mic and keep promising to come to my gigs and heckle me - they never do!

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