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Big changes....


Graham has asked me to do some work for the forum because I had a lot of experience with a similar forum.
Sadly it turned out that the forum I had used PHPBB version 2.23 and this forum uses PHPBB version 3.0
I thought that there would not be to many differences but I seem to made a big mistake there........

Version 3 of this software is totally different from version 2.23 so I have to experiment a bit to get things going. I apologize up front because there will be mistakes but I need some time to get myself familiar with this new software.

I will do my best not to make irreversible changes so that all the postings will be kept.
No promises though, so if you post something that is valuable to you, make a back-up!!

G L Admin:
I'm sure things will be OK, I found a place on the forum where all the deleted posts go.
So if things did go astray I'm sure they can be loaded back up.
I would just like to publicly thank Wim for helping me set the forum up in my hour of need, very much appreciated.
The site has taken me a bit by surprise as I was only asking if anyone had any knowledge of this format,
then all of a sudden everyone was posting on the site.
Still it made me get my finger out, with Wim's help :lol:
Any suggestions for categories etc are all welcome, please post them on the
Suggestions For "Balloon Chat"

Graham Lee


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