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Brian Asman Interview 22nd/28th June

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Graham Lee:
Just had an email from Brian to say he'd like to do the interview so hoping to sort out a date near the end of June.
Brian has a lovely balloon act wher he puts together a lady latex doll, it's very very funny.
I've seen it twice and really liked it  :D and another thing Thelma is a big fan of Brian's as well :D
This is Brian's website; http://www.balloonsequalfun.com/
and his portfolio page can be seen at; http://brianasman.balloonhq.com/

Thelma Levett:
Yep I just love Brian!!

Graham Lee:
But I thought you loved me :o  I'm devastated and may need to go into therapy now

Graham Lee:
Brian has confirmed the dates now so his interview will be the 22nd/28th June

yea...I can't wait!


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