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David Crofts, March 2013

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Graham Lee:
David will be doing the interview in March for us  :D  

His website details are, http://www.balloonanimal.co.uk/

He is also the star from Ballooniville, http://www.dac.mlmcvoy.com/ballooniville.html

Graham Lee:
David has just had an extra addition to the family, I spoke with him last week and he is still up for the interview but it may take him a couple of weeks to get into a new routine.
Those wondering it was a boy, Charles. David and Jana already have a little girl Mary.

First of all, thank you Graham, for inviting me to take part in the star interview.  I am sincerely honoured to be asked and I hope that my story and answers will contain some morsels of interest and amusement for the reader.  Also I’m very happy to be only a month late starting and I wish everyone a Happy Easter.

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?

It is interesting how we all discovered balloons from different avenues; sometimes from other areas of entertainment and sometimes from other fields altogether.
I got into balloons by way of a combination of an interest in magic and an interest in art and arts and crafts.  I still remember the days before I knew anything about balloons.  I’d seen simple balloon models but had no idea how they ‘stuck together’.  I have no memory of balloon animals as a child, but perhaps I’m too old.
I would have never guessed that balloons would become such a big part of my life.  If my advisors at school had known better they could have saved me a whole lot of time and messing about attempting all sorts of other careers.

I do look forward to continuing with this interview, thank you Graham for the thought provoking set questions and I’ll try and offer a few answers each day.

Congratulations on the new member of your family , look forward to reading the rest of your interview :D

Thank you Rob, by the way I love the one balloon a day concept, it's looking really good,
here is my next reply

2, When did you get started with balloons?

1997.  I had a residency at Chiquitos Mexican Restaurant and Bar.  It started off as Sunday lunchtimes and then Saturday lunchtimes where added, then Friday nights and Saturday nights too, at several different branches in and around London.  The residency continued for a good few years and I started to include more and more balloon work as I went along.  Originally it was mainly close-up magic.  The balloon work came in partly as guests were asking for it and partly as a way to entertain the many repeat customers (which hopefully I had something to do with, that is, the fact that they were repeat customers) and to generate new material for them at a sufficient pace.  As I had taken a lot of regular catering jobs to support me during my student years, this gave me an understanding of the busy and sometimes rushed dynamic in this sort of restaurant environment and I was able to work with and around the other staff.  These days I only do occasional restaurant work but am very happy to do so whenever called for.  Also, back in those Chiquito days I remember having three or four good meals a week which was a big added bonus.


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