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Laura Caldwell, Annie Banannie 18/24th Jan

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Graham Lee:
Laura has been waiting to do the interview for a while now and has some free time coming up so that she can spend the time answering the questions on the forum. Laura lives in sunny California and specialises in balloon storytelling. So any more questions than the usual ones that are here are always welcome; set-questions-from-forum-members-t977.html

Laura's website; http://www.balloonstoryteller.com/
Portfolio; http://diva.balloonhq.com/

Graham Lee:
Laura here is the list of set questions for you; set-questions-from-forum-members-t977.html
If anyone has any othe questions to ask Laura then please fire away.

Danny the Idiot:
Hi Laura,

thanks for taking the time to answer questions and be on the forum.
I met Don in London and at TMJ, please say hi to him from me.

Some questions for you...

What's your favourite colour of balloon?

What's your favourite size/ shape of balloon and why?

Will you becoming over to TMJ later this year?

thats all for now,

best wishes

Annie Bannanie:
Here's the beginning of the questions.  More to come.

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?

I have been performing all my life, mostly opera and musical theater.  
Not much money but I’ve had lots of fun with it.

One day, while helping out at my church, I was asked to learn to twist.  However, they forgot to tell me it’s addictive, so 11 years later I’m still doing it.

2, when did you get started with balloons?

1998 a couple of weeks before Halloween.

3, What’s your best twisting experience?

It’s hard to pick just one.  I really love getting together with other artists and creating something big, like Balloon Manor.  I love performing on a stage and pushing the limits of what people think I can do.  I also love connecting with a small audience and sometimes just one child, especially a child who isn’t normally comfortable with strangers.

4, What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?

Oh, the many horror stories.  Most of them are difficult at the time but make a great story later, like the time the star volunteer of my  
show got overwhelmed and retreated into the fetal position on stage.  
The same weekend I also had a volunteer pee her pants on stage.

How about the time a small piece of balloon flew into a 4 year old’s eye and stuck on his eyeball? Good thing his dad was a paramedic.

I think the worst feeling is when I think I haven’t done a good show or the client isn’t happy.  At the first school show I did in California, I didn’t realize how militant the school was about the length of the show.  I had ten minutes to go in the show (the finale!) and the teachers just filed the kids out of the auditorium.

There was also the time when I actually lost my pants when climbing into a clear six-foot balloon.  Thankfully the lighting was horrible on the makeshift back porch stage.  I keep telling myself I was the only one who noticed.  Right after that I changed my costume, though.

5, What do you most enjoy about twisting & why?

The kids.  They just crack me up.

6, What's your favourite age to entertain?
Large audiences ages 6-12.

Annie Bannanie:
Hi everyone.  I've been battling some yucky cold virus here and now I'm back to join the living.  Graham, thanks so much for inviting me to be on Balloon Chat.

I lived in London for five months a few years ago and I miss England very much.  For a week I'll live vicariously through you all on this forum.  I'll also get to the rest of the questions ASAP and keep putting answers up all week.  

Here are some questions from Danny the Idiot (I'm a big fan!)

What's your favourite colour of balloon?
Rose, Lime Green, Spring Lilac, and Orange, in that order.  I have a problem choosing just one.  I want all the colors in all the shapes and sizes so I don't have to limit the colors that I use for sculptures because the balloons aren't available (sigh).  I may never get what I want.  

What's your favourite size/ shape of balloon and why?
My faves change all the time.  Right now it's 350s because when I super size even a simple sculpture it makes a huge impact.  

Will you becoming over to TMJ later this year?
I'm not sure.  I'd really like to.  How's that for noncommittal?  

That's all for now, but I'll keep coming back to check now and then.  

Annie Banannie, Balloon Storyteller
(aka Laura Caldwell)
Because Every Balloon Has a Story . . . .


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