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Mark Byrne Interview 21/27th April

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Graham Lee:
Mark Byrne has kindly decided to put his head in the line of fire so that we can ask him some questions,
just sorting out a good time for him to join us. In the meantime his details are,
His DVD Bad to the Balloon vol 1 is excellent with loads of good & usuable models.

Graham Lee

Mark “the Balloon Guy” Byrne

Mark “the Balloon Guy” Byrne was named “Most Original Performer” by International Brotherhood of Magicians. See why 1500 of his peers gave him this honor! He is one of Florida’s most award winning magician. Most recently placing 2nd at Diamond Jam 2008 in the International Stage Competition. Mark is also a world class balloon twister, not your ordinary poodle and sword guy, he is “The Balloon Guy”. He has traveled as far as Shanghai, Puerto Vallarta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nassau, Seattle, Dallas, New York, & Miami with unique style of comedy, magic & balloons. Performing on comedy club stages, international clown festivals, numerous tradeshows, conventions, weekly restaurants and yes, even little Billy Tucker’s 4th birthday party.

His best creations are Outrageous hats that bring out people’s inner child. His DVDs, Bad to the Balloon series Issue #1 (Poolside Favorites) & #2 (Animal House) have sold all over the world from Singapore to New Zealand. Currently over 15,000 hits on youtube.com with the song parody of “Bad to the Balloon” and short Dark Comedy Melodrama “Dog Gone”. Marks future plans are building his own restaurant chain and world domination.

Don't forget his 2nd dvd is not bad to

Hi Mark thank you for agreeing to take part, I love bad to the balloon 1 & 2 I use the monkey most times now.
How long have you been twisting & and what got you started?
Also what advice would you give to someone just starting out or wanting to increase their business?

Professor T Wist:
Hi Mark.
What is your favourite model to make and why ?

Hi Mark - thanks for the interview.

Do you prefer making smaller or larger models and do you use weaving much?

What kind of work do you do mostly - parties? Corporate? etc


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