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Michael Floyd Interview 3rd/9th Sept

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Graham Lee:
Michael has agreed to do the interview, well volunteered actually. So any questions fire away, Michael runs the balloon-animals forum in the US.
I'm not sure if he has his own personal website where he advertises his balloon modelling to the world, so an extra question, Michael do you have a website?

My personal website is http://www.mbfloyd.com/
It is in desperate need of an update.

Sorry about the delay.

Didn't realize the next step was for me answer the 28 questions.

1, What road led you into balloon modelling?

I always liked unusual methods of art. I would create things out of soda cans, coat hangers, or anything I could get my hands on.

2, when did you get started with balloons?

I started playing with making balloon animals very young, around 7 years old. But I started TWISTING when I was 16. I worked at a restaurant making balloons for kids.

3, What’s your best twisting experience?

Every year I do an Anime Convention. I get a booth and accept almost any request.
People ask me to make very elaborate things. Most of the requests are for things I have never seen before.
The first day is the hardest, since I am adjusting to being outside of my comfort zone.
The following three days are a rush of new ideas, designs, creativity.

But what makes it best is that the people who get their balloon (insert thing you've never heard of or seen) completely flip.
And most of time they are adults. And now, for a brief moment,  I get to see them as the "kid" they really are.

4, What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you during a ballooning/entertaining session?

Oh, so many bad experiences.

Once, I was hired to teach a young kid how to make simple balloons for a class presentation.
The kid was afraid of balloons, and didn't want to do this, but his mother was very insistant that he should do it.
Nothing like "Mandatory FUN"

After an hour I noticed that I hadn't seen the mother for a while.
I realized that she had left to run errands, leaving me alone with her son who hates balloons.

I called her and asked that she return immediately. She didn't return for several hours.

After all this, her check bounced.

5, What do you most enjoy about twisting & why?

I enjoy giving people something that they like and will cherish.
I have often heard from people, that they still have the balloons I made for them, even through they have long since deflated.
At a time when so much is disposable, I like that they choose to hold on to something I twisted for them.

6, What's your favourite age to entertain?

Young Adults. 18 - 25
They think that they have seen it all and know it all.
I really enjoy seeing their eyes go wide and their jaws fo slack.

7, Do you have the same act but vary the presentation for all ages or do you have set acts for different ages?

I cater what I do according to the age group, since they all want different things.
Young kids want a simple balloon and someone to show them a little attention.
Older kids want a fancy balloon to show off.
Adults just want a story to tell their friends later.

Once, I've performed a 2 hour show for 10 adults and used only 10 260 balloons. I made them each a one balloon oddity ( pirate ship, Homer Simpson eating a donut)
I still hear about it from their firends.

8, What’s your favourite thing to make at the moment?

I just figured out a really simple but great 3 balloon shark. I've been trying to figure this design out for several years, and I think I finally got it.

9, What is the most asked for model?

Monkeys. I hate making the same thing twice. But if I make one monkey, I'll be making monkeys all night. Which is why I have more monkey designs than anything else.

10, What do you tend to do more of if stuck in the 'balloon production line' model?

I'll start telling jokes. I have several routines that lead from joke to joke to joke.
I also will talk to the kid or adult who I am making the balloon for and get a bit silly with the conversation.

Danny the Idiot:
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your interesting answers so far.

I have a couple of questions for you...

What is you favourite balloon colour that you use?

What's your favourite balloon shape that you use?

What makes you laugh?


best wishes

What is you favourite balloon colour that you use?

I really like Mocha Brown. For so long the only brown was the dark chocolate.
I was very happy when Mocha Brown came out.

What's your favourite balloon shape that you use?

This may seem boring. but I like to use 260s.
For so long I only used 260s, most of my sculptures were design with 260s.

What makes you laugh?

Really bad puns and awful jokes.
i.e. What's red and smells like blue paint?  - red paint


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