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Sue Bowler Interview 11/17th Feb

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Graham Lee:
Sue has agreed to be interviewed, we may need to find a few extra questions as Sue comes from a decorating background so I think she is very knowledgeable
when it comes to emulsion and wallpaper, oh ROFL  :)  :D
So if you have a few questions please post away, I expect Sue will do the interview early Feb as we have the Antonio interview at the moment.

This is Sue's website but it may be the old one? Will double check, http://www.suebowler.com/
Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/SueBowlerCBA
Also found a YouTube clip as well, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkcfcAq_dD8

Really looking forward to this :)

Graham Lee:
This may go to a different facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/SueBowlerBalloonArtist

Graham Lee:
Sue will be doing the interview from Monday 11th till Sunday 17th Feb, please post a few questions for her to answer.
It's not often you get the change to question some of the top peple within the balloon community.

Graham Lee:
Sue is all ready for the interview next week, it would be good to get some more questions for her, you can also ask about Conwin equipment as John is the top man in the UK for them.

My Question, what moment in time or spark started you off in the world of latex, was there one specific moment or a gradual build up?


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