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Graham Lee:
I'm looking to bring back the star interview and was wondering who we should ask, if possible I will ask them as nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

Danny the Idiot:

David Croft

Graham Lee:
Yes I think that would be a great idea, he maybe can explain how the Ballooniville show came about and all the ups and downs that he and Jana had while getting it live on the telly.
I believe he is off on holiday today but will send him an email about it.

Simply Shonna:
That sounds very good.  
Do you know if we will be able to get the show in the US?

I am little "slow" about the internet and teli,
do you know if we will be able to pull up the episodes on the internet?

It would be great to bring back the interview especially if members would take the time to interact with our guest.

Any one who plays with balloons is good for me.


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