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Balloon Apron Vs Busking Bag

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Ok, I am not sure if I have even got this on the correct Area / Forum, but here goes.... :oops:

I would appreciate (and take on board) constructive views on the best Apron / Bag to buy (prob from you Graham ;) ) - I have lots of stock of 160, 260, 360s and 5" rounds, that continually get passed around searching for the balloon / colour I want, I am not a "Pro Twister" so cannot justify the new bags shown on the Home page (although I have seen them / drooled for a while.. :mrgreen: )... I think my mains points would be -

1. Be able to see the balloon size and colour
2. Simple access
3. When I do go out and do a little advertising (practising in front of an audience) be able to transport what I require and be able to maintain the two points above.
4. Cost: £100.00 max

Looking forward to any and all suggestions, thanks in advance.

Morethanballoons UK

I know you said 100 budget but check this out www.bagchunas..its made by rob balchunas (rob the balloon guy ) its awesome

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Thanks, I have seen (drooled over) the Bachunas bags.. :mrgreen:  am sorely tempted on the smaller one... :twisted: .   but they are still way over my budget and with P&P even more so...... may look at selling off some training DVD's to help justify costs... :idea:

Graham Lee:
Bag V Apron, it depends if you like to wear the apron and the weight involved, I prefer the busking bag myself.

Thanks Graham, now you mention it I am not sure that an apron is "fitting"(scuse any pun), its not that I am wandering around making models, mainly stood in one place / position making them, so the bag may be more of an option to be able to see what I have available at a glance and transport stock in a more organised manner to the "venue".  

So without more ado... The Bag has it... now which one and another question if I may...

How do you "set them" up in the bag. (ie are there any velcro holders etc.):?: .. :oops:

I have managed to get "Time out" at the end of March for the Blackpool weekend / jam,  so hopefully I will have one by then and be a little more organised.

Really looking forward to getting more ideas/advice from others... I cant wait!!!.  :D

Only wish I had the time to get to more of them  :cry:

BTW - for those of you that don't yet know it.. This Site Rocks!
Thanks in advance...

Morethanballoons UK


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