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Exploding Balloons HELP PLEASE .......


Hi all we have just joined this amazing forum and been having a good look through. We have just started up a small business initially doing stuffed balloons. After researching the market and practicing we are starting to do columns and arches for events.

Now HELP PLEASE .......we have recently bought a detonator set and squibs to do exploding balloons but after some practice having some problems. We  ave been using the Qualatex giant 3' pearl latex balloons to practice on but when it detonates it only puts a whole in the balloon and it goes down slowly obviously not releasing anything inside. I have taped the squibs on various ways facing into the balloon and taped side on with the plastic cover off still no popping happening :o

I have used some thinner 3' cheaper solid colour balloons that pop fine but think the giant 3' pearl ones i'm using are actually to thick to use and should get the 3' diamond ones to try.

All advice really appreciated as I'm getting rather frustrated now......  :D


Graham Lee:
I'm more into twisting so would be no help here really, perhaps getting in touch with either
Pam Pearce or Matt Lewis as I'm sure they would be able to help you.

Thelma Levett:
Are you saying you are using a different balloon to practice with than you would use to actually do it?


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