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What do you tell people?


What do you tell people when they ask how long a balloon model/sculpture lasts? I've just started up selling models and sculptures and people always ask how long they will ask. So far I've just been saying it's impossible to say as they are balloons and some last for weeks. I have people from 3 weeks ago telling me they still have theirs!! However balloons are balloons and can pop or deflate whenever..... Do you have a good answer for me that I can give please?

KJ Entertainments:
It can be a dodgy question to answer I tend to explain to people as you've already said that most previous customers have reported back quite a long life. some have even said around six weeks! Mostly I tell people that if they keep it out of the sunlight, away from a radiator and display it as a piece of art or an ornament, then it should last them two to three weeks. However if they attack it with a fork it's unlikely to see the better side of two to three minutes.  :D  I have also told people in the past that the cooler and darker they can keep the balloon the better, so if they were to take it and stick it in the freezer, not touch it and don't even open the door, then it will still be there  in six months. However I don't think any of my customers have done this yet, at least not that they have told me about.

:D Thank you KJ I shall start telling them how to keep them longer... Hopefully.

I always tell customers that air filled designs last approx 2 weeks as long as you keep them away from heat sources and sharp objects. Often they do  last longer though :) x

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