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Which heads?



I'm on the hunt for a detailed head design tutorial. I'm doing more and more people recently and I'd really like some decent tutorials to watch through. I've got my eye on Philias Flash's DVDs. However before I part with my monies I just wanted to ask you all if these are the ones to watch or if you know of any others? Thank you :)

Graham Lee:
I did put the instructions up for a man and plane a while back
and the basic head structure is explained there.


Also there is the hair thread, not sure if that might help and then I think I posted
pictures as we made the big footballers with David Crofts so that might be of help as well.

Perhaps the robin I built as well will have a head construction,

I tried to search for the footballers but struggling to find them at the moment and off out ballooning today.

I have just purchased a job lot of DVD's and the balloon heads by Philias are in with them but as yet I have not had time to view.
Has Darren done a review on them?

Graham Lee:
This is the hair design thread, hair-t9270.html?hilit=hair

Thanks Graham.

I will check all of those out, I did find a review on the DVD...I think I might get them they look interesting :) Will you have the dvd for sale? If so I'll wait until they're with you.

Graham Lee:

--- Quote from: "zozoo" ---Will you have the dvd for sale? If so I'll wait until they're with you.
--- End quote ---
No I wont be stocking the DVD, everyone seems to be going over to digital download.
I would suggest contacting Phileas directly to purchase.


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