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Advice needed pleeeaaase

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Hi all! Just after a bit of advice if anyone can help!

I always buy my balloons from Graham but needed some 12" pink polka dot so ordered them from eBay. The seller is in the US (I'm in the UK) I paid 38.22USD plus 16.75USD for postage for a bag of 100. I've ordered balloons and a couple of Ken Stillmans dvds from the us a few times and everything's always been great! Here's my problem.....I received a card in the post yesterday saying my package couldn't be delivered as there was a customs charge to pay plus a handling fee of £12.82 before the package could be delivered! I've never had this before....have I just been lucky in the past or has the seller not filled the customs form out correctly? Think I was charged way too much postage in the first place and to then to have to pay an extra £12.82.....that's taking my 100 balloons to nearly £50!!!!!  :o

Not sure what to do....or if there's even anything I can do  :?:

Can anyone recommend where to get these from in future?
Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you! X

its does sometimes feel like Russian roulette if you get charge import duties or not.
if you can have your items marked as samples cost £0 and the bill sent separately that can work.

its a shame you could have possibly found some other outlets in the uk although many have a minimum order cost eg. go international

Ahhh Kevin.....Thanks so much! I've searched online for I don't now how long and couldn't find these balloons at a half decent price! I can quite easily make the minimum order hehe....once I start I seem to forget to stop!
Thanks so much I really do appreciate it!  :D
Kaeren x

Graham Lee:
I saw this post while at Blackpool and wanted to reply but was just on my phone which made things difficult.
I post things abroad to Europe and America and have to sign a customs from that is legally binding, I get asked to mark as a gift when it is not and have to say that I do not do this.
In Europe this is not a problem as we can trade with no import duty but to America it can be a problem as when things are shipped from the US to UK.

If I was to sign as a gift and was found out to be untrue there is a large fine that comes with this as we are de-frauding the goverment so this is possibly why I and others are unable to put down as a gift when we all know it is not a gift. Sometimes things get in OK and others you have a 28% import duty to pay.

Graham Lee:
Just re-read the opening thread, I can get any product from the Qualatex catalogue but you may have to pay the retail price as I am unable to get wholesale on some products unless I order in big quantities, I'm sure I would have been cheaper than £50 for a bag of polka dot balloons. Off to check what they would have been with me.


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