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How can I effectively encourage comments on blog?

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I would love for more people to comment on my blog and was wondering if there are certain approaches to encouraging interaction that people have found are better than others?

My blog here for reference=

Graham Lee:
Patricia if you do find an effective way to encourage people to post on your blog can I ask you to pass the secret onto me as I would love to encourage people to post on the forum  :D

Have you sent a link out to a mailing list? Do you have a list, everyone that looks at your blog do you collect or can you collect emails and then you could send out maybe once a month your favourite model of the month with a reminder to view and comment if they like. If you do a little write up I will put you on the news page of the forum with a picture and links and I'm happy to put you on my next mail out to my list(s)

Lolol! Wow Graham, that would be wonderful! Thank You!
How do I go about a write up? You mean write kind of a synopsis of the blog?
I do not have access to email addresses and if you could send out something to your email list that would just be astoundingly wonderful! I really appreciate you! Thank you! Do I reply a write up here?

As an extroverted feeler I am always frustrated by the lack of and wish for more sharing of thoughts and feelings of others lol.

I always notice that successful blogs end every post with a question or a call to share something. So if you did a post about a new design, you could end it with something like, "have you guys ever tried a design like this? Let me know in the comments and share a link to your pictures if you have them."

Try to focus your posts on engaging the community rather than just showcasing what you do (although that's obviously still the point of the blog).

Hope that helps :)

Man I would love it if people shared their pics and just shared period, lol.

I will try to go back on all my posts and invite people to share and perhaps make a whole post encouraging people to comment and share, lol.


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