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I've just been away for two days and returned to about 100 or so emails that appeared to be blank from qualatex.co.uk. Just wanted to make Graham aware. Did know if it might be worth while making a thread incase others had received emails like this.

Graham Lee:
I'm hoping the 100 emails was a slight exaggeration? I did post on balloon chat and facebook last night about this.
I expect you got the same about of emails as balloon orders you placed?
My web guy has added a follow up email plug in to the site, I did not realise I have to write an email for this, it will have special offers, balloon dates and details about monthly prize draw etc etc. I'm not 100% happy about this but might stay with it for a while if we can work out that if someone has purchased 4/5 orders in the month then they only get the one email from us and not 4/5. I'm putting it down to teething problems but I think these emails have upset a few people and in business that is the last thing you want to do.

I just counted them on my phone, and slipped over a few, but I counted 121, so it might be a little more than that. I know I ordered a lot from you you but I don't have enough money to place that many orders! Its not a problem at all, just wanted you to be aware, and I'm sorry I missed the post you made.

Graham Lee:
Could you in a PM send me your email details, I'd better look into this ASAP. Thanks and sorry for the mass emails  :(

I got a fair few last night too, I'd guess around 20?

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