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Web Hosting
« on: December 13, 2013, 02:29:35 PM »
Hi, I've just joined Balloon Chat after starting up a little face painting and balloon modelling business, so I've been busy setting up websites, adverts and social media pages etc.

Just thought I'd like to share some research with other people thinking about setting up their own website.

My site: is hosted by I had to buy the domain, but the web hosting for 1 year was totally free using this link: ... sting.html yes the data allowance is rubbish, but great if you are just dipping your feet in the water and not wanting to shell out £30-ish to give it a go :) My husband and I have both used daily before and can personally recommend the customer technical support dept. I've opened more tickets than I can remember for such silly things that have always been my fault like html code errors and they have always been very knowledgable and prompt to respond - but their support guides are just as brilliant, and really helped me set up my new business e-mail and link it to outlook. Rarely has any down time for maintenance too. Thanks
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