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It's only taken me about 5 years !!!

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Hi guys and girls. Finally got my act together to join via my phone - whoop
Recently got around to loading up my new bag too...2000 balloons and counting...

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Graham Lee:
Hi Lucy, I think a few others set the balloons the other way around so if
little fingers touch the balloons they are not touching the nozzle end.

I'm old school and still do it like you have, nozzle up.

Interesting... hopefully my new setup will mean there are no balloons within touching distance of any grubby hands

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I too pack my balloons nozzle up for a few reasons.

1 - ive tried it upsidedown and they occasionally get caught.

2 - why are little fingers touching the balloons??? don't let them, I plug my balloon box into the electricity so that I can zap any child that comes within touching distance (not really, my box is too high for them to reach).

3 - IF little fingers do touch the balloons, what is the problem? in this current situation not one single balloon twister should be putting anything like a balloon anywhere near their mouth to blow it up and if they do then that balloon should not go anywhere near any child.

Great set up tho :D

Hey Rob.

Yep, sadly my bag hasn't had a test run yet.
I always tell the kids, look with your eyes not your hands ... God I've turning into my mother !!

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